zaterdag, 26 april 2014 21:27

Jacob Applebaum - ArenaNETmundial Brasil

Experts in defense for privacy and digital security participated in the panel, which was a kind of “side B” NETMundial, an event that brings together city representatives in more than 90 countries to discuss Internet governance.

Among the panelists were Jacob Appelbaum, one of the leading names behind the Tor Anonymity Network, Roy Singham, ThoughtWorks, Natália Viana, Brazil responsible for WikiLeaks and even Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks itself.

The basis of the discussion was the case of former analyst at the National Security Agency of the United States (NSA), Edward Snowden, which revealed a number of confidential documents that point to an indiscriminate surveillance by the U.S. government.


Jacob Applebaum - ArenaNETmundial Brasil